EGI's Mission and What We Do

EGI's Mission

To expand entrepreneurship in Haiti to spur workforce development, create sustainable jobs and businesses, and enhance Haiti’s economy as a self-reliant society.

What We Do

  • Offer high quality teaching, training, mentoring, and access to finance to Haitian entrepreneurs so they can grow the economy and create jobs
  • Facilitate access to latest business technology to local business community
  •  Provide a pathway for new enterprises and small businesses to formally register with the government so that they can pay taxes, legally hire workers and receive investments
  • Develop and grow the Haitian business workforce and launch formal businesses that focus on sectors that add value to the Haitian economy, such as sustainable energy, agribusiness, health, and technology services 
  • Build an entrepreneurial ecosystem and network that connects new start-ups and ideas with the established Haitian private sector community
  • Measure and evaluate the impact of program for continuous improvements
  •  Incorporate unique social impact experience into MBA curriculum